Dylan_M’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hello IFC! This is my first tracking thread and I will be opening somewehere soon (ground and tower).Feel free to stop by!

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It will be on training server.

I will gladly take any feedback such as things I might have done wrong with ATC.

I am opening in two hours!

Sorry about the delays. I may not open until tomorrow

I think this can be closed, after 20 days of no reply.

I feel so bad for you. Good luck on your ATC journey

It’s okay. I’ve controlling at airports randomly around Europe, although not for this thread. I think I am not bad for a begginer controller though!

I would come but I need some sleep. Its 5am here in the Maldives (im on holiday)

Wow, it’s 6:00 pm here in NY!

I wouldn’t close this because of a lack of replies, no one is going to reply to atc tracking threads unless they are giving feedback or saying they are going to the airport you are controlling at (but for that you need to announce where and when you control). Some times no one will show up, other times 5 or more will. You just gotta roll with the punches, you’ll get there


Thanks for that, I have edited the title. I will open tommorow.

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I’ll show up if I see you’re open on the forums, but busy day for me tomorrow* and dont give up- also GN, just past midnight here in Europe

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Hello all

KLGA is open now

Pattern work allowed

Please update your title to say [OPEN] otherwise people will just ignore it!


ill come in. callsign is N937NY

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Sorry gtg i will try to come some time again

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KLGA is now closed. Thanks all.

If I were you, I would stay open for at least 40 minutes in order to get some traffic. You won’t get any traffic if you close 20 minutes after you have opened…

Ok, I will do that for future services.