dwane9903’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSBA {Passed Practical}

Hello, fellow community members, I would like to announce that I am currently operating for an hour to practice for my practical! It would be great to have your feedback as it would help me massively to be able to provide great ATC services to the community!

Server: Training
Airport: KSBA
Open Runways: 15L, 15R, 25
Frequencies: Ground & Tower


  • Please use the correct runways
  • Avoid duplicate messages…don’t worry I won’t forget about you XD
  • Have fun!

are you still open? i’m down for some patterns if you are

+1 to that.

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wait now he’s not there. i’m confused

Sorry just closed :)

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Open come for some patterns :)

Still open

Open, come by for some patterns!!

Hey!! Congratulations for passed the written test. Overall very good job. 1 thing to consider:

  • I told you go around because I don’t received any clearance. I think you realized later.

Good job on sequences.
Regards. Dani.

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Yes sorry about that haha, thanks for coming!

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Congrats on passing your practical test. I knew you could pass!


Congrats buddy!!! :)

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Congrats! How was the test? I’ve only done my written and honestly I’m shaking for my practical :/

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It was pretty good! It took me 2 tries. Just make sure you use both runways otherwise it can get hectic