Dutchbird Tribute / GCTS-EHAM

Dutchbird is an airline livery in Infinite flight that nobody ever uses unless it’s in casual since this airline is so obscure it’s possible to just choose the KLM planes, However I know a lot about Dutchbird since it’s short life as a airline


Airbus A320-200

Let’s take off out of Tenerife sur

Passing by the canaries and out in the Atlantic

Here is Morocco near by and I didn’t edit much of it

Gotten through the Atlantic and an Center in Casablanca and now entered Spain which we might be close but winds has gotten harder

It was pretty hard to get away with strong winds over Spain but luckily I reached France later on

I begin my approach to it’s open runway 16C in AMS

I landed around -103vs

Here’s an KLM 772 ready to taxi and it’s destination to ORD while I taxi to parking for a long day

Hopefully people will fly and give attention to obscure airline in Infinite flight later on, anyway I hope you like these and see more sooner :D


The 2nd image has been fixed thank goodness

Hehe nice.


oh yea lol it went longer than what I expected

Also more about Dutchbird is that it’s an charter airline which goes to the popular vacation destinations like the canaries or alps and even some of Egypt and there only operated the 757 (which was from Condor) and A320 until 2004 there were defunct after a short life from 2000-2004 which is not even 5 years old, even air Holland lived longer even Dutchbird had an award of the best Dutch airline and had a lot of attraction over the 4 years of operations but over the few years nobody seems to talk about it :/ but maybe someone might tribute this airline more

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