DutchBird flying

Hey there people, today I flew DutchBird from LIMC-EHEH (fictional). It was very scenic with the Alps and all the traffic at LIMC today.
And yes, we actually have the DutchBird livery in game. It is a very underrated livery. It’s also a very nice livery.
So let’s dive into the pics

Flight Details

Route 🧭: LIMC (Milan Malpensa)-EHEH (Eindhoven)
Flight Time: an hour
Aircraft and Livery ✈️: DutchBird a320


Just cleared for takeoff

Gear up moonshot

A shot of the traffic

Above the alps ⛰

Well, that’s all folks.
Thanks for viewing and hope to see you next time ✌️


The livery complements the pics, really great shots!


Thank you😊

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