Dutchbird Boeing 757-200

Credit: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/7925013

About this livery:
This B757-200 was one of the four operated by Dutchbird along with 2 A320s.
It used to fly to many destinations in the Mediterranean, Egypt, Tunisia and to the Canary Island.
The home base for Dutchbird was Amsterdam Schiphol but some planes were temporarily based in other airports like Düsseldorf in Germany.

About the airline:

Why I would want this livery:
Even if the devs are about to release the reworked 757-200, this livery would be a very nice addition to the 320 that we already have on the sim and this livery would add a little diversity to the enormous amount of blue planes flying out of AMS, that’s why I’m asking you guys a vote for this dutch beauty.

This is one of my favorite liveries of all time! Sadly I’m out of votes, but I’d love to see it. KLM needs some competition within the sim!

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Well, I was not expecting this livery to come sooner, but here we are!


Congrats on your request getting featured!


In IF now! (Open Beta)