DutchBird airlines 757 from EHAM to OTHH

So a few days ago i decided to go a little long with the 757…

Airline: DutchBird Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Callsign: DutchBird 196
Departure airport: Amsterdam (EHAM)
Arriving at: Doha (OTHH)
Flight time (in hours): ~6:40
Server: Expert (grade 3)

And here are some photos of the flight:

Morning airport!

Old vs new (which one is better?)

Rocketing out🛫

Morning peaceful cruising over Croatia


Moments before touchdown (although i applied low auto braking and 10% reverse thrust the plane didn’t even use half of the runway)

At the gate

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Beautiful livery! I wish more airlines had liveries like this one!

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Nice love me some 757 shots!

Very nice pics. Great landing by the way.

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