DutchBird 757-200 EHAM-EGLL

Hello everyone! Today I did a flight in the DutchBird 757! I hope you enjoy my photos!

(This was done in the Open Beta ofcourse)

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Route: EHAM - EGLL

Flight time: 37 minutes (according to my app)

Server: Training

Getting ready for pushback while a Scandinavian takes off while a Turkish A350 is taxiing!

Gorgeous nose pic with the Scandinavian!

Rocketing out of Amsterdam!

Another angle of the rocket!


almost… there…

A picture from a person on the ground!

Look at them landing gear!

Taxiing to the gate! (yes that is the same Scandinavian from earlier)

Parked and unloading the passengers! (Took this screenshot 1 sec before the Scandinavian disappeared)

Here is the video!!

-25 V/S 😎

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I hope you liked my photos!


These are excellent photos! I liked the video a lot because it showed you buttering that bread.

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👌🏻 perfecto Never seen something so cool in my life. I love the landing pic

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Thank you very much guys!

(Also, I will be doing another flight in the DutchBird 757/A320, pm me what route you would like me to do next!)


Very cool!
If the livery was announced I forgot about it and if it wasn’t it deserves more attention! 😂

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Love to see DutchBird getting some love, nice shots as always

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Great photos! Love the angels, which make the photos look unique:) well done

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@BonaireDude since it’s a 757
It’s a Dutch Pencil or Rocket
Great photos!

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Wow man those where amazing 🤩

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Great screenshots, thanks.

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