Dutch Government Fokker 70 For Sale!

KLM is phasing out all Fokker 70 aircraft.
The aircraft used by the goverment of the Netherlands has to go too and is now for sale.



I’ll wait for the VC-25 to be for sale :)


How much does it cost? Might get a scratchie.

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So sad. Flew one of these beauts from Amsterdam to Brussels.

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I will take it after i win the lottery in one of the U.S.,states

I’ll chip in half if you want to share ownership?

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2 Dollars with box and 1 year Warranty!

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Perhaps a new airline may buy it.

That cockpit looks a bit bare. I’d retrofit it with large, lovely full color touchscreen displays.

Lol I’ll give you 9,000 Qantas points and a banana


Everyone shpuld contribute like 10 dollars and then the IF community will own a plane. People who have been on the community longer get higher ranking in the bidding system to take it on trips.


We all put $10 towards it, then we hold a raffle to see who gets it.


LOL, reminds me when I called to bid on a MD-83 for sale, told the guy I’d give him $50, I’m a jerk.

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Time to open up my piggy bank.

I’ll also chip in something. Three way partner ship

Lemme go get my piggy bank.

I’m fairly sure I say this today at Maastricht airport from the motorway (unfortunately couldn’t get a photo).

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