Dutch F16 shoots itself

A Dutch F-16 fighter jet flying a training exercise over the Netherlands scored a direct hit — on itself — when the pilot fired the aircraft’s 20mm rotary cannon.

Sometimes, even inanimate objects will do anything to get out of training.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force pilot was able to make an emergency landing at Leeuwarden Air Base after the plan suffered “considerable damage,” according to a report from Dutch state media.
At least one round ripped through the jet’s exterior, the report said, while munition fragments were also found in the aircraft’s engine.
“This is a serious incident," Wim Bagerbos, inspector general at the Netherlands Department of Defense, told Dutch media.
“We therefore want to fully investigate what happened and how we would be able to avoid this in future.”


Always follow the book I guess. Someone will eat simulator for a month at least lol


Most likely what happened is that the jet was traveling faster than it shot the bullet resulting in it hitting the bullet.


How could that have happened though 😂 there’s no way a jet gonna go Mach speed on like a bombing or straff run

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This has happened before during low angle strafing on ground targets with cannons. It’s probably ricochets.

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That’s embarrassing lol

Let’s just consider this a second… 🤣😂

Lets assume the bullet travels at around 10nm a minute, strange figure - work with me. The aircraft was travelling at M1.5

This means the bullet travelled at M1.0, so when it left the end of the cannon it was travelling at M2.5

Unless bullets leave the tip of the muzzle and assume their normal travelling speed of M1.0, there is literally zero chance the aircraft travelled faster that the bullet.




how does this even happen


Exactly that. Happened to my old man too.


I have seen similar incidents when spending hours and days on ground target firing ranges watching F16s do low level low angle strafing.
I did the cleaning (EOD) lol.


Fighter jets can fly faster than bullets

hey pilot you pressed the wrong button its ment to go forward not backwards

A 20mm Vulcan Cannon has a muzzle velocity over 1000 metres per second. That’s significantly faster than the highest speed recorded by an SR-71.

Now I can see that F-16 having a kill mark of itself on its nose for some reason. 😂


You misinterpret what I am saying…

It is literally impossible for the aircraft in question to fly faster than the bullet that left it.

Any bullet, but the bullet that was fired from the aircraft

Until the bullet slows down…😉

Uh, maby, but it doesn’t slow down that much that quickly, what @Mags885 is saying is that if the bullet was traveling fast enough to leave the muzzle then it would get it’s self away from the aircraft before it slowed down…


I’m glad the bullet didn’t hit the pilot

I know hence the winky thing 😉

Physics for you.