Dust addition to flaps

Hey there, I want to know if we may get the “dust” textures on the 777 like the older one, because in real life there’s not many 777s with the wings completely white and clean as it is in IF, I think this will add more realism to the wing and not looking like “play-doh”

And maybe without making it a feature request because it can take a loooong long time to being added.

Including Every 777 variant

What’s your opinion??

Comment below 👇



Fun fact, planes fly faster when they don’t have all of that grease, dirt and grime on the wing surfaces. On the 737 and the A320 we do have some of this oil streak grime, but nothing has been announced whether or not the 777 will include this. Will just have to play the waiting game to see what treasure unfolds. 🙂


I agree, but it would be a bit more realistic to fly with the oil streak grim 😜

So people want the Concorde, the fastest commercial aircraft… but then they want to slow down existing aircraft by adding grease, dirt, and grime to their aircraft? Something doesn’t quite add up 🤔 Just kidding. This would be pretty cool.


The concord is a whole different aircraft, it has to be completely clean to reach those speeds 😱

But we are talking about the 777 😉

In retrospect, I’d say your best bet is to make it a feature request. It’s worth a shot and might get more attention than you might think.

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As seen in the above photo, is it dirt/grime, or hydraulic fluid or other lubricant from aircraft systems? If it’s aircraft fluid, and the fact that it’s so commonly seen, do the wing systems have some “give” designed in that allows some amount of seal leakage?

Hydraulic fluid, oils, grease, etc. would cause this.

All aircraft would have some sort of “give” to reduce the stresses on aircraft when going through the various phases of flight. Takeoff, Landing, Turns, Banks, and Turbulence all are factors where external G Forces are present. And for that reason, an aircraft cannot be totally rigid. Yes, they’re bolted and tightened down and the bolts aren’t going to fall out, but at the same time, the aircraft needs to be flexible to withstand these forces.

Great questions!


That’s a great answer!


it is dirty, the game is better if the planes are clean

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a dirty wing is more realistic honestly


this would be so amazing. it would be terrific addition to IF. good idea

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I don’t get it people.
First you’ve complained that the floor in C172 is dirty to the point that the whole aircraft was reworked and now you want the wings to be dirty. What’s the point?

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The point is realism, every simulator has this “dust” on their planes to make it more realistic, as I’ve said (not many airplanes have the wings completely white and clean)


A good example of this is the older 772ER

The newer liveries use to have more clean wings, but the really older ones like the American old livery or the United old livery, they use to have more dirty wings, I don’t know why they didn’t make this in this recent update, considering that this is how it works in real life

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