Durkair and Tashi air a319

Hey IFC,
This is my first ever post on the features category. 2 months ago I put something. Similar to this on the general category but I was a noob and did realize I need TL2. I love doing flight to in to Paro, Bhutan but they are never realistic. I’m always wonder what airline should I use. Only 2 airlines fly in to this destination, Durkair (Royal Bhutan Airlines) and Tashi air (Bhutan Airlines). I see that you guys have already done a small rework to the a320 do you think you can add one livery to the a319 before 20.2. If no before than after is ok.

Credit: Sam chui
The two airlines next to watch other.

Nice feature request however:

Unfortunately livery requests can only contain 1 livery.


Hey! Like @BennyBoy said, you can only have one livery per post. I do like the idea though! I would just make two, separate requests for each livery. And the nicer you make the thread look, the more likely you are to get votes. I cant free up any votes right now, but you have my support!

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