During Autopilot

During auto pilot what do pilots normally do ? In real life and IF.


Communicate to ATC and do regular checks.


Eating snack


Usually they go sky diving into some random island or place near by, from there they travel to a tropical location and drink lots of tequila’s. From there they grab the next fighter jet out and travel back to the aircraft.

Quite a fast cycle. :)


Drink Pepsi from the Cockpit👌


IRL : Go over some check or briefing. Communicates with ATC. Eats their meal.

IF: usually just grab a snack and go over landing briefing and some other procedures. I try to keep it as realistic as possible

IF: Activate APPR and sleep as the plane lands without permission while not worried about getting ghosted cos they are on Training
IRL: Eat and do common checks on ATC

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IRL: Check stuff and have there meal and on long haul flights the pilots change and the new ones come in.
IF: Stalk people

Theyll usually drink beer or somethin

Pilots eat and speak with atc… This why I would be pilots?!

they are eating sandwiches in order to forget flight duration and drink Pepsi. lol

In Real life they sit and watch everything closely. Because you might get TCAS warning to avoid traffic, it happens sometimes so they watch carefully everything. Also they carefully watch the auto pilot to see if it’s doing the right thing.

In IF: Do what you want I guess.

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Well what real life pilots do during flights I think has been covered. (Thanks @Skylines for blowing the cover off our sweet deal we had with the USAF 😂)

Personally in IF, I don’t stray far from the iPad. I never fly without a proper flight plan (not just YSSY-CPT-YSCB) so I am constantly adjusting my heading. I also maintain certain speeds at different flight levels, so I change my thrust accordingly. The longest “break” I usually get is between 10-15 minutes, depending on the aircraft. (Max 280kts for smaller aircraft, max 340kts for the larger ones) And of course 230-240kts until I reach 10,000ft

(The amount of people I see speeding, even on expert server, is astonishing!)

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Not worried about ghosting? Lol I would ghost you so quickly or at least report you if I saw you doing that on training lol. And you wonder why so many people don’t like it! 🙄

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