Duration amount in replay not consistent with flight

Device: Xiaomi Poco f2 pro:
Operating system: android 12, MIUI 13.0.3:

Did anyone see the issue where the duration amount is not reflective of the flight done?

Images below

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Yeah. I don’t know if it’s just in a different language or something but I don’t think the times ever match up. 😂. It’s probably just me though.

an 1:30 flight from gate to gate shouldn’t show 25mins

I have seen this problem. Im not sure why, or how this happens.

Y’all, if you’re saying it’s not the same as the flight time you saw in flight or after your flight, it’s because “flight time” is only the time you’re in the air, while the replay is everything from when you spawn to when you end the flight.

I’m saying it’s not the same as gate to gate.

Yes, because flight time doesn’t count the time taxiing and stuff on the ground but the replay time does.

Does that make sense?

Like I’ve done a one hour flight but I’ve left my device for a while with my plane parked and the replay is like six hours even though I was only using it for one or something.

Does that make sense.

The duration shows everything from beginning to end. So if a flight is 1hr, there’s no way the duration is 25mins

This is right, there is a legitimate bug with it. Its happened to me many time. My ground to ground time has been xx but been way lower on the replay.

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This has happened to me before aswell. Once i had a 16 hour flight and it said it was 8 hours. It is a bug that doesnt really effect anyone so I dont see it being fixed anytime soon.

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rip, thought i would point it out but ya it wouldn’t be a priority

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We have a hotfix (22.4.1) rolling out on the App Store and Google Play now that addresses this issue. Thanks for the report!


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