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Good afternoon,

I am currently on approach into LFPG and tuned into approach frequency. Just now, controller sent me a message saying “turn right heading 260, descend and maintain 5000”. And then about 3 seconds later, he sends another message saying “turn right heading 260”. Do I turn right heading 260 AND still descend to 5000 or just turn 260?

They probably sent that because you weren’t turning fast enough. You should still descend unless they give you another altitude or say “disregard last message.”

I was at 9000 and was maintaining 9000 for about 5 minutes. So I was ready for an altitude change

Yes so the controller wanted you to descend, he just wanted you to perform your turn quicker, maybe because there was traffic nearby or they had to fit you into a line of planes.

Oh ok. But do I still follow both instructions? Or just the last one he sent me

You would follow both. The controller would give you another altitude if he didn’t want you to descend to 5,000.

Ok. Thank you

No problem!

Always follow the most recent instruction, he most likely forgot to give you an altitude change with the first command.

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