Duplicate Messages

Would anybody consider sending the same message twice, the second one five minutes from the first spamming the frequency?

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On the training server, yes.

I don’t think that’s spamming if it’s been five minutes. That either means the controller is ignoring you (unless KLAX 😉) If they aren’t paying attention

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That shouldn’t happen on the Expert server, because I would expect you to be serviced by that time. If you aren’t, be patient, we will eventually serve you, we don’t forget about Pilots, even though it seems like it

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What’s the real world procedure for a situation like that? How long does a pilot wait before trying again if there is no response?

@GHamsz This one is for you. 🙂


One time is all that’s required. Time has nothing to do with it.

For example, if I tell someone to hold position because someone is going to block their path, it takes a varying amount of time. It may be someone next to you who taxis away quickly, or it can be someone coming from elsewhere but crossing your path that takes a bit. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, a second request is superfluous and unnecessary.

Depending on the situation it very well may be. If you have been told to hold position let’s say with gate hold in effect then it certainly is if you ask for pushback again. This can be the same for a whole host of other circumstances like repeatedly asking for takeoff with no need to do anything but hold short over that period. Unless we have forgotten you are most likely spamming. Instead of assuming scenarios though how about you give us the scenario you want an answer to, it’s a bit random for you to ask this without having been accused of doing such on the expert server.

What was your Callsign?

Do you have a screenshot?

I’m looking for the time this occurred so I can find it in my replay.

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i remember i requested for takeoff and got no response until i realized Tower was gone lol so i switched to Unicom

I found you… so here’s what happened.

You checked in with me which is asking for a service, which you may not realize isn’t just saying hi there. I said radar contact which is confirming that you can fly your flightplan.

Then you asked for flight following, and I said check help since you already asked for a service. But I said proceed on your flight plan.

Then you asked for clearance to climb to an altitude which isn’t necessary for flight following. I was busy with arrivals so I didn’t get back to you right away.

Less than 2 minutes later, not 5, you asked for altitude again.

When you’re flight following you don’t need to ask for altitude clearance!

So that’s what really happened. Multiply that by all departures and you can see how that can cripple approaches ability to do their job.


Whelp…there ya go

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I mean today after doing a 13 hour long haul to Istanbul, I said check in once in range with Approach, and they ignored me. I requested it again when I was 10nm. Ignored me again. I asked approach to the airport 3 times, obviously, with time intervals. No answer. I know I should be reported for this, but I got at the end of the line of approaching planes and all of a sudden he answers me with vectors to follow the rest to the runway, as if I was suppose to vector myself behind everyone else and descend myself in the first place. I dont want to say who it was, but it was very disappointing how this was on expert.

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Please contact them directly. Do not keep this to yourself, there may be a reason or this controller should be made aware so they can learn from this.


Thankyou learning something new everyday!

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Did you check in, or did you request an Approach? These are two separate things.

Thank you for the advice. It has helped me understand the mistake I made a lot more and I will use it for my future flights

Thank you for the information.

As a pilot I wold expect to plan my own arrival. I pre-plan for appropriate STAR whilst enroute, before my TOD I am looking ahead to see what local traffic is like. If it looks like APPR is running a traffic pattern then I amend my flight plan so that I can fit in, then continue my approach. Once in contact I then follow local ATS instructions. Hopefully by pre-planning ahead it helps everyone out.

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I checked in, hoping to say radar contact, etc., but they didn’t respond so I hoped that they listened to my first message so then I proceeded to request approach.