Duplicate Message (ATC)

I don’t get how I taxi to my runway and wait, and the ATC keeps telling my line up and wait. I’m at the line and I’m where I’m suppose to be.

Server? If on the Playground. Don’t complain :P

People on the playground don’t know what they are doing.

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So I basically have to wait until Advanced?

Yes. What’s your XP?

Line up and wait means enter the runway, line up with the centre line and wait for takeoff clearance. People often mistake it for hold short.


I have 24,200 XP

Ahh ok. Thanks

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THIS! It’s NOT the same as Hold short. Some pilots still wait to enter the runway and keep saying Ready for take-off. And then I’m like NO YOU ARE NOT and saying Please follow instructions.


well… most of them :P Dont forget we were the playground guys too ;)

Sounds like the person on the playground did know what they were doing but the pilot didn’t. Line up and wait means enter the runway and line up not line up at the hold short.