Duplicate frequency change?

Had a couple of pilots ask for a frequency change that’s already been given in the taxi. Noticed they then took off without changing frequency (was GND only). Do I have to approve the change, i.e. does that unanswered request stop them changing, or did they just not do it.

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Pilots don’t require an explicit frequency change to tower, this is already included in the taxi to runway xx message. If you encounter this, it is best to issue the misc. message “you were already instructed to change frequency”.

Ideally pilots should tune into tower, request T/O and receive permission prior to rolling. It is possible they may not have been aware of the procedures.


Thanks. I did that but noticed that they then didn’t go to TWR. I get some don’t bother but seemed a bit odd to ask for it then not do it. Hence I wondered if I had to okay it 😃

Like said above, no you do not need to clear them and you should not. Instead issue the duplicate frequency change instruction found near the bottom of the misc. tab

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