Duplicate Flagging Option

Hi all.
Throughout my rather long stay on the forums, I’ve noticed something whenever I flag posts. As the now inactive @Boeing707 used to always say, why isn’t there a flagging option for the most common flag reasons?

What it is now:
Right now, the options are ‘Inappropriate’, ‘Off-topic’, ‘Spam’ or ‘Something else’. I find myself using the ‘something else’ button a lot more than the rest, the reason?..

What I think should change:
Most posts and topics that are flagged right now are due to them being Duplicates. Whilst I don’t necessarily think that the flag number, particularly for new users, should go up just because of a duplicate topic, I do think that there should be an option for ‘duplicate’.

Firstly, I can’t imagine how many flags the moderators get every day, and I’m sure the vast majority of those are for duplicate topics, as they are quite common (please use the search feature, guys… please!). It must be annoying for them to have to sort through all of these. Secondly, as one of the most common flags, I see it as more important and valuable than some of the other flagging options - there’s certainly space to add one more.

I’m not sure if this should be on meta.discourse.org or here though so please advise!

Feel free to comment your opinions below, be it for or against. I’m interested in hearing your sides of the story.


Sometimes I feel as though the copypasta that always follow a duplicate topic doesn’t prove very useful. Sometimes I think it’ll be good to point out the other post that they have duplicated.

But yes, I think this is very useful!

Just my 2 cents. :)

Right after posting here it happened again :P


You could potentially have ‘unneeded’ flagging option or something like that. Thanks for the support though!


I think the reason that it’s not an option is because that sometimes the moderators must decide what’s on the line of “acceptable” and “didn’t even search.” Many people might concur that the topic/post is a duplicate, but the poster might have acquired permission from a moderator. Good explanation although I do contradict the matter in hand :)
Regards, Gianni

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Yup - that was one of the things I thought could be a problem. But I believe every flag is already looked at a moderator first, so it shouldn’t make a difference except ease of use.

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Just use the “something else” option. Copy and paste the topic that is being duplicated into the message body. Problem solved.


Hey, but wouldn’t it be much easier to just flag as ‘Duplicate’?

Just because it’s easier, doesn’t necessarily make it better.

I don’t see this happening for one very good reason:
If you guys flag something as a Duplicate, i want to see what it is a duplicate of. That’s why we want you to attach a link to the older topic.

Maybe the topic you flagged are way better than the older one? If so, it would be very dumb to close down the new one just because it’s just that… newer.


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