Duplicate Fixes


Hey guys,

The Nav file that is on the repo now contains duplicated fixes. In hawaii, just now, DEBRY is in the file twice.




It only appears once for me

Are all fixes duplicated or just certain ones?


If you tap on it in the app, you’ll see that it shows a context menu.

I just checked the _fix.dat file, DEBRY is there twice, line 24784 and 138173.


The file is repeated twice.

A second header can be found in the middle of the file:
600 Version - data cycle 2013.10, build 20131334, metadata FixXP700. Copyright © 2013, Robin A. Peel (robin@x-plane.com).

It happened at the second commit:

For some reason, git doesn’t seem to show the crazy repeat in the diff…

I will use the latest version from X-Plane to regenerate the data.


I always wondered what that was. The _nav.dat file with all the ILS data is the same way. I can change something in the first half, then scroll down to the duplicated one and find that it has also changed.


Well, we need to clear the duplicates… I wonder which is the more correct one, top or bottom? :)

Looking at the fix file, the 2nd part has more items…

Deleting Duplicates From Navigation Files

Go ahead I guess. We can solve any issues after that, right?


Interesting, the duplicate even has slightly different coordinates


I don’t know what happened, commit before last was missing a whole load of fixes…my fix didnt work ;)