Duplicate Approach / Star Waypoints

I’ve come along duplicate APPR/STAR waypoints frequently, but I’ve never understood the appropriate etiquette on how to deal with it.

As an example, flying the SAKKI5 Approach to PHNL ends with waypoints SAKKI and SECIL.

Using the H26L STAR, it starts with the same waypoints above — SAKKI / SECIL

Does the NAV automatically figure this out or is there some manual finagling I need to do with my flight plan on order for my flight plan to work correctly? If not, what is your advice on this.

Thanks in advance for feedback!

If you are making your flight plan and see that there is a duplicate way point or something else just manually set it to the next way point and skip the one that was a duplicate.

LNAV should be able to figure it out since you’ll be crossing the same waypoint. It shouldn’t affect your flight.

Hey! Your VNAV in IF should automatically work things out. A couple of things to note when using this combination of arrivals and approach:

  1. If you look at the real-world charts, you’ll notice that the SAKKI FIVE is a ‘regular’ STAR - it uses NAVAID fixes (VOR radials and airways) rather than RNAV fixes and airways. Whereas the “H26L” in real life is an RNAV approach. Hence the seemingly ‘duplicated’ combination. It’s not a big deal - it just appears that way in Infinite Flight.

  2. The initial approach fix on the RNAV 26L is indeed SAKKI. And on the real-world charts, the height needed is ‘at or below 10,000 feet.’ So it’s fine if you’re flying 10,000. You’ll just have to descend slightly quicker (which your VNAV should handle) to intercept the correct approach path to fly you down to the ground - because the next waypoint (i.e. the ‘intermediate fix’) is SECIL, which you have to be at or above 3000 feet.

If you want to dive deep into the etiquette of instrument flying, especially instrument flying in the US, check out this tutorial for FAA approach charts here!

Your flying etiquette should be fine, if it’s handled by your VNAV. Don’t worry about it.

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Thanks so much!! Super helpful!

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