Duplicate Accounts Question

I have a question about duplicate accounts and why users are strictly not allowed to make these- why are the rules so strict around these?


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What’s the point of having two accounts? I’d assume it’s just to limit the amount of unnecessary accounts as it’s already a huge community. It’s just unnecessary to have more than one account, unless it’s a VA account.


Because if you get your first account permanently banned, and typically for a good reason, a second account is just a free pass to get back in.


To add to what @LordWizrak said many users open a second account to vote for #features


Which doesn’t do anything.

in a way, its’s a problem by the creation of their own rules. Either to have a back up for technical support because the ban against you or simply because of their strict rules of only they can change your handle once, and only once because you outgrown your previous handle 4 years later; then you just create another

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