Dunny1203's ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED]

HI all!
I’m still relatively new to ATC and am trying to learn a few tips and tricks! I’ve managed to get nearly 300 operations so far and am slowly trying to get to the point of joining IFATC! Feel free to drop any feedback below! Any feedback is better than none and is greatly appreciated!

Server: Training
Airport: YBBN
Services: Tower and Ground
Time: From now!

I’ll stop by for a bit. :)

Hello there, thanks for the service. Let me preface by saying I am not an IFATC trainer, and therefore, the feedback I provide should be considered as suggestions.

I was IF-AWAFL in the A318. Here’s some feedback for your session.

+Good job telling me to make right traffic, shows that you took into account that I was on 16R

+Good runway exit command timing.

-On my first pattern, after takeoff, it took a very long time for you to issue my clearance for the option. Remember, efficiency is key. You should aim to issue sequences and clearances around the time the aircraft starts to turn to their crosswind leg. You also asked me to enter right downwind after I reported my position. This was not necessary as I had already stated I was already in the pattern; simply sequence (if necessary) then clear for the option/land.

-After my change to runway 16L, you told me to enter left base. Like before, this is not necessary, simply sequence the aircraft (if necessary) then clear them for the option/to land.

Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck with your training.


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Awesome! Thanks so much for the feedback!

Sorry about the enter downwind repeat, think my big fingers clicked the wrong one lol
Ahh okay! So if if a player is on downwind turning base, I don’t have to tell them, I just have to clear them for the option/landing unless necessary?

Thanks for the advice! Will definitely take this into consideration!

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