Dunno what happened :(

Just made two flights today and both gone well. Until I noticed something, compared my 2nd second flight to the first i done and this happened . At my second flight my total landings increased but my flight time (90days) and landings(90days) decreased :(…
The first photo is my second flight


This would mean that 90 days ago you did a flight and that would tick off of the total count because the 90 days has passed meaning that it could decrease.

For example, if 90 days ago I did a flight that was 10 hours and today I did a flight that was 2 hours, my 90 day flight time would go from 10 hours to 2 hours because it has passed 90 days since my 10 hour flight. :)

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Hi @RonGel04 , I’ve moved this out of support since there isn’t an issue with the app. The 90 stats will change everyday. :)

As the screenshots note, the landing count increased and your XP increased.

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So meaning if i reached grade 4, there is a possibility I will return to grade 3 even without making any vilotations as said

Yes, there is a possibility. You would need to keep up with the 100 landings in 90 days stat and also the flight time in 90 days stat to remain at a certain grade.

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Oh i see Thanks👍🏻

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Happy Landings :)