Dumbest Reason Why You Couldn't Takeoff

I have 2 times. Once was with Alitalia, we couldn’t takeoff because the escape lights weren’t working. Second is KLM. The TV’s didn’t work, and we were delayed for 2 hours in Calgary. Barley made our connection in Schipol. Thankfully the flight to Vencie was delayed.


on the way to Mallorca we taxied back in to the gate after pushback because the lights were flickering too much.

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Well, as for the electronics onboard there’s the smallest problem enough reason why not to get airborne.

Remember the Swissair MD11 crash near Halifax?

The plane became a fireball in the sky, because of an entertainment system electronic problem. All pax and crew perished.

I believe this reason is enough to make you happy you didn’t takeoff.

Whenever there’s an electronic problem onboard (inflight), pilots divert to the nearest airport.


You complained that the exit lights weren’t working? Wow… The one thing that will allow you to see. Hmm, tell me when you try to exit and aircaft in an emergency and you can’t see, it’s not dumb now is it?


No the light in the fuselage not on the floor.😉

Pretty hard to escape on the inside with the lights on the outside.

I’e only ever been delayed due to the French ATC strike.

Because aircraft have closed systems the smallest problem (eg. broken coffee maker) can be a sign of a much larger electrical/hydraulic issue.


MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY! Coffee machine broken! Requesting emergency assistance on touchdown in Atlanta!
The last words herd from southwest 334…


Its a valid reason so it is more crazy than dumb. The gate agent hit the door of the plane and broke one of the hinges. Had to wait for a replacement plane. Fun times.

I had a flight canceled because of a fire in the Chicago radar center, even though I was in Atlanta and my plane was already there.

If it could signal a loss of all power including gauges and lights then it would be important. This is on the ground of course, no one would declare an emergency mid air, just write it up after landing.

KLM Cityhopper, flight was cancelled becuse the door wouldn’t shut.


Yep, a cabin decompression at 30000ft by a door that didn’t close sounds dumb.


On the tarmac…

Weather at SFO.

Sometimes they delay because of in the mechanical system there could be something really bad

At Washington Dulles, on a United flight, a deer was on the runway and we had to wait for an hour.


At Manchester airport, one toilet wasn’t working yet the other 4 were. Delayed for 2 hours.

Once I was delayed a few hours because they didn’t have the snacks.