Dumb airplane question

So I have been an addict of checking my fuel levels via the Weight and Balance tab and I have noticed that the left and the right tanks are completely empty while the center tank has plenty of fuel left with 8,532 pounds. How is this possible and is there something wrong with my airplane? Thank you!

Try this

it always has been synchronized.

That’s odd.

Now I may be wrong but I believe the wing tanks are drained first before the center is because if the wing tanks are full or heavier then the center tank it may screw with stability

@Daniel14 I do believe it is actually the opposite. Having fuel in the wing tanks ensures the wings don’t flex as much and keeps the aircraft more stable. That’s why wing tanks are usually filled completely up before putting fuel into the center tank.

@QueenElianna What you see is most likely the result of a long flight that has drained the fuel out of the wing tanks. The wing tanks on the 737 hold much less fuel than the center tank so when you press the synchronize button you are unevenly filling up the tanks. The button just means the sliders are synchronized. In the future, I suggest you untick the synchronized button and instead fill the wing tanks up as evenly as possible before even starting to fill the center tank.

I think that in real life on the 737 you can choose which tank you burn fuel from, however, I think that in Infinite Flight it burns from all tanks at the same time…


It’s simply that the center tank has a wayyy higher capacity

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When flying the 737 I recommend you do not synchronize them. Fill the wings tanks 1st and only after that, start filling the center tank if you need more. It’s not uncommon to depart with an empty center tank either if the flight is short.

Exact opposite actually

Yeah, I got them mixed around

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