Dulles Spotting - 12/30/19

Hey, guys! My last trip of 2019 took me out to Baltimore and Washington DC. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay very long, but it was still amazing! These shots were taken from outside the Udvar-Hazy museum.

N16147, a 16 year old E145 in the United new livery arriving from Syracuse as UA4962.

EI-DUO, a 12 year old A330-200 arriving from Dublin as EI119.

LN-RKU, a 3 year old A330-300 arriving from Copenhagen as SK925.

N209UA, a 20 year old 777-200ER arriving from Munich as UA107.

G-VLUV, a 8 year old A330-300 arriving from Heathrow as VS21.

PH-AKD, a 7 year old A330-300 arriving from Amsterdam as KL651.

A7-BEW, a 1 year old 777-300ER arriving from Doha as QR707.

And finally, we have the Lufty queen herself, arriving from Frankfurt.

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oops i messed up the VS a333 pic

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Beautiful shots! Keep up the great work!

Thank you!

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Nice! Love all the heavies, especially the 747! Oh, almost forgot about the cute little E145…

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Very nice shots man, keep up the good work😯👍

Wow! Those are great!

Those are awesome! What camera did you use? If it’s a dedicated camera, was it just a point and shoot or was it a DSLR or something like that?

The Virgin Atlantic A330! 😍
Very cool pics!

The majestic B747-8i and some other great pictures! Very well done! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for visiting DC!

I love the E145 in the new united livery! Great work on that shot.

Contrasty bois. Nice shots bud keep it up!! 🥢💯

Thanks guys!

I want to come back

Thanks :chopsticks: :chopsticks:

Yes, DSLR. Canon Rebel XS.


Man I work at KIAD. I see planes all day. Never get bored of them!


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