Dulles Day Heavies! 9-14-19

Hey everyone!

Last weekend was the annual Dulles Day, also known as the Dulles Plane Pull, as teams can compete to pull a 757 and A320 in the shortest time possible, raising money for the Special Olympics. Also, there is a 5K hosted on one of KIAD’s runways, earlier in the morning.

This event also includes many static aircraft displays, stands, and other forms of entertainment. However, one of my favorite things available for event-goers is to plane spot, as this event is hosted right next to runway 1C/19C.

So, when I attended, I brought my camera (Canon EOS Rebel SL1), and snapped some pictures when I wasn’t doing other things.


First up is this Austrian 767-300ER with reg. OE-LAZ greasing on runway 19C.

Next is this incredibly boring Lufthansa A330-300 with registration D-AIKD, arriving from @Moritz’s wunderland (Munich in case you were wondering).

Next is first of two non-heavies in this thread, and it is a Porter Q400 decelerating rapidly, arriving from Toronto Billy Bishop Airport.

The other non-heavy catch is this Avianca A320, with, for some reason, an American registration of N724AV.

An Alitalia A330-200 in the updated livery kisses the concrete, with registration EI-EJK.


This is one of United Star Alliance liveried planes, a 777-200ER. Also arriving from @Moritz’s wunderland.


Here is my favorite aircraft I saw, ANA’s BB8-clad 777-300ER. Pretty neat IMHO.


Saudia 777-300ER right after touching down on 19C, with registration HZ-AK38.

Last, but not least, is this sharp Korean Air 777-300ER moments from hitting the runway, with a registration of HL8347.

And that is the 10 picture limit.

If you are a DC resident, definitely consider coming out to this in the future. It takes place during September, and is great fun, not to mention one of the only airshowish events in the DMV.

Thanks so much for taking a look!


I want to come, that event sounds fun. Nice photos, haven’t seen pixilated ones before, is that edited or from the camera itself?

L’uccello più bellissimo di tutti ❤
(The most beautiful bird of all)


The ANA is awesome with the Star Wars livery 😆👍🏽

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I don’t see any pixelation. Maybe try reloading the page? However, Discourse does reduce quality of photos a bit, but I assure you, these photos were made sure to be high quality and sharp.


I love the AV246 shot :))))

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Great photos!

I hear Avianca registers their planes in the US for tax reasons, similar to how Aeroflot registers their Boeings and Airbuses in Bermuda.

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Maybe it’s just me, they’re good nonetheless and I’m sure they’re better without pixilation.

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BB8 came again today 👀

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Thanks, that makes sense. Any way to save a penny or two!


I was also at the dulles day plane pull getting some really nice photos on my Instagram. And I got some of the photos that you have up to. https://instagram.com/the.kpns.spotter?igshid=p6e5pt81713l

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They looks so much better, the pixilation is gone!

Welcome to the community @Venten1! Reply or PM me if you need something.

Was that an aircraft change? Munich doesn’t have any A330 flights by Lufthansa anymore.

It was from Munich. I have seen it multiple times. LH also sends a 748 to Frankfurt.

D-AIKD flight history 😉 even though i‘m on holiday i know my stuff 😬 image


I put you at 50 likes!

Amazing performance by the Canon EOS Rebel, can see you also had some strange but favorable lighting conditions. Looking forward to more of your photos!

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Thanks man!
Clouds are usually boring to shoot in, but the clouds from that day weren’t too bad.

Avianca is one of those airlines that registers in a different country for some reason. Azerbaijan Airlines, Aeroflot and most other Russian airlines register their planes in Bermuda and Flynas from Saudi Arabia registers their planes in the Cayman Islands. I know these are to take advantage of the tax laws from those two countries. Not quite sure why Avianca would choose the US to register all their planes though.

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