"Due to heavy traffic" message, what to do?

Hello everybody, I have a question.

I flew from KLAX to KSAN and the ATC said: “Transavia 15, due to heavy traffic, airport is not accepting incoming airplanes at this time.” What to do? Diverting to an another airport? Or flying circles?


First question: playground or advanced?

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That was on advanced


I Don’t think defining whether it’s on PG or advanced is a big deal in this case :)

@Snelweg_A15 Diverting to another airfield is probably the best thing to do.


This has never happened to me, but I would just do holding patterns until I get permission to enter the airspace…I’m pretty sure the devs might change this command in the future and make it “airport is busy, enter holding pattern” instead


If it was playground, maybe a controller didn’t know what he/she was doing, that’s why I asked


Fly a holding pattern, make orbits or divert.


Fly in a circle or two and then announce inbound if ATC says the same thing divert to another airport.


I think one circle does not really help the situation out. If ATC denies inbound traffic it must be very full. And if an airport is very full, it can take dozens of minutes for traffic to decrease.
If it comes to that situation, better directly divert or even turn back. Infinite Flight Regions aren’t very big so far, so it’s worth diverting instead of making circles.

As an Advanced Controller, if people annoy me I send them this message. If they really annoy me, I send them to FL500.

(I’m funny aren’t I)


@Maxim I sure hope your joking


The best plan here is to divert.

If the controller thought he/she could fit you in, you’d receive a few 360s to build space. This is when the airport or controller is at operational capacity. Even in the real world we have our limit!

Once you get the notification as you approach KSAN, the first thing you want to do is consider aircraft size and what nearby airports can accommodate you. Something like a 747 leaves you with MMTJ or KNUC, whereas a smaller aircraft leaves many more options.

Embrace go-arounds, holding patterns, and diverts as something that makes it a unique flight, not an inconvenience. Hope this helps!


Oke thank you!

Thank you everybody! :)

Yes. I’d love to be given more go around commands, diverts, etc. instead of the same old point to point flight. :)

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If you really want climb and request transition. Fly circles above the field at about 14 thousand feet should be good.

I got this message a while back, same situation. I saw how packed KSAN was, and decided to do a few figure-eights away from KSAN. Basically I entered my own holding pattern. After two or three times, I saw traffic had calmed down, requested inbound again and it was granted. I think what’s best is just using your judgement about what the situation calls for. Your own hold, or a diversion.

personally when PG ATC dont give me command or deny entry, i am holding until i receive a positive response.

Fly 14 feet above the airport huh? 🙄


Only if you want to end up in Downtown San Diego…

What. It would work. Circle a love the airspace then when you are given clearance to end start to descend.

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