Due to heavy traffic airport is not excepting incoming traffic at this time

I was just told that☝️on approach to Denver And was told to climb to 20k ft. Does that mean I have to divert?!

Yes, and where did you takeoff from?

Dubai with a stop in London Luton

Been flying for almost 16hrs in this 737BBJ

Does it make a difference where I took off from?

Being told to divert and you been flying for 16 hours that’s like the worst feeling for me


Yes, only if you depart a airport extremely close to Denver, but from Dubai?

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Yup, I took off from Dubai. @Hamza.N is controlling and told me that☝️ So know I’m flying away from Denver at 20k ft. Rip 15:53 flight time😕

Were you told that when you were in contact with Tower or Approach?

He didn’t say it to anyone else there are still incoming planes

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Really close to Denver like maybe 20 nm out I was at 10k ft

Very odd I would check your fuel first and find a airport near Denver

What frequency told you to divert, you can find that in your replay?

I got 4 hrs of fuel I’m fine but I have to go soon so I’m just gonna have to quit this flight😭😔

Very tuff right there

Im currently inbound from Houston about 30 mins out, will i have to divert as well? :(

Ehh it was Denver approach it was @Hamza.N and he said he was closing in 5 min. As soon as I checked in, he diverted me. He’s still open like 10 min later and accepting incoming traffic. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m a little upset.


@Hamza.N is not Approach. Contact @GHamsz for an explanation as to why, he’d be the only one who would know. :)


Ahhh oops ya ur right okay. Thanks you guys I’m gonna quit this flight tho😪

What is your callsign?