Due to Covid19 Quarantine, my off day switch to this infinite flight

Hi Guys, Im new here, This is my First Flight .Here is my 2 Sector flight Malaysia Airlines.

Aircraft Type : Boeing 737-800
Airline : Malaysia Airlines
Flight Num : MH2626
Route Sector 1 : WBKD-WBKW
Route Sector 2 : WBKW-WBKS
Server : Casual

Flying at 15,000ft

Final Approach to WBKS

Touchdown at sandakan Airport WBKS

Taxing to Parking Bay

Hope this region airport will updated soon

Updated post.
Videos here


This is not the case, the #screenshots-and-videos category allows you to put up to 10 photos per post.

Great stuff, hope to see more content from you in the future!

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I put 10 photo just now, and popups ‘new user can only out 1 photo’.

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