Greetings, IFC! These are a few of my favorite images I’ve captured lately around the Las Vegas valley. I love working at an airport because you never know what kind of traffic you’ll get. I hope that you all enjoy these shots. Cheers!


Great shots, @Dubya!

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Is that Helicopter related to those doing water drops on the wildfires?


Fedex 767 my favorite

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I’ll PM you a few more shots of it then! I got some nice ones of her

Awesome! I’ve got a friend who flies them for FedEx

I’m not sure if it was or not. I looked up the N number but didn’t get any useful information there

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762HT is not on fires. AANNDD It is NOT on fire =)


Wait nvm, is this the spotting area with the large fence?

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Sure! It’s the spotting parking lot on E Sunset Rd. It’s in the south side of the airport.
An extra cool feature they have is an FM radio station you can tune to in your car to hear the ATC tower comms

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Thank you! Hopefully I can go this spot when I’m here!!

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These are utterly first-class. Amazing what you can catch in the golden hour!

Thanks man! Sadly these weren’t golden hour, I wish they would have been


They sure looked close

Great pics! Love the Korean Air 787 and the Hawaiian a330.

Those are stunning photos! Great job!

Love that Allegiant pic for some reason, overall great work! Mind if I use one as a wallpaper?

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I liked the FedEx Boeing 767-300F and Virgin Atlantic B747-400

Love the KE pic, I saw many dreamliners at RKSI and they were beautiful.

Awesome pics. My fave is the last one, love it when you see the beacon blinking.