Dublin to Nice!

Hey guys!
Today I flew from Dublin (EIDW) to Nice (LFMN) on behalf of @AerLingusVA. Here are some photos I took.
Date : 1/04/20
Aircraft : Airbus A320, Aer Lingus Livery
Server : Expert

  1. Departure from Dublin over the Wicklow Mountains. Quick note - RWY34/16 @EIDW can be used as a Taxiway. Rarely used for takeoff and landings.

  2. Over the Severn Estuary.

  3. Approaching France.

  4. Very pretty mountains in the background.

  5. Approach into Nice.

  6. On short final.
    Thanks for viewing the photos guys, hope you enjoyed.

Cool photos man!

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Thanks! Appreciate it

Those are some NICE pictures


Thanks sir

Here comes the “Nice” jokes


Stunning shots! Love that livery

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Thanks man!