Dublin to London Stanstead

Airline- Ryanair
Aircraft- 737-800
Flight time- 1:15
Route- Heading 120°
Altitude 10 000 ft

I apologise for no takeoff and landing

Hope you enjoyed


This needs to be in screenshots and videos

But good photos!

Thanks! I will move it

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Nice! BTW, you should be cruising at a higher altitude for that long of a flight.

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Yes I had a few problems, plus it was one of my first international flights

Pretty sure the tags of other aircraft need to be removed so you might have to delete the last picture and retake it in replay mode with tags and everything off other then that nice pictures

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Just awesome

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Thank you! It was my second ever completed international flight. (I like doing domestic routes around AUS and USA

That’s awesome buddy 👍🏽😉

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Let’s say I am very familiar with the countryside in those two places!

My first global landing was in a Ryanair that has been cruising at 10000ft at about 200k and goeing to Paris from London Heathrow. And Ryanair dont even use London Heathrow. LOL.

I was going to go to LHR but searched the route up and found that they go to Stanstead instead and quickly changed my route! Otherwise I would have landed in Heathrow!

Its IF, it does not matter if you went to EGLL in a ryanair

Ik. I was just trying to make it as real as possible!

I love this route. 💪

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Nice shots!

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