Dublin to Barcelona!

In todays flight I went for an A350-900 with the Aer Lingus livery, which is by far my favourite aircraft and livery. After loading the passengers and cargo, I flew out of Dublin, Ireland on a two hour journey across Europe into Barcelona, Spain at a cruise altitude of 36,000ft. Along the way I watched as the sun set and the moon rose, landing in Barcelona in almost complete darkness.

Flight info: Training server / EIDW - LEBL / 02:12

Parked at dublin with a B747-8

Steep departure out of Ireland

Cruising by Southern Wales

Sun setting over France

On my way into Spain

On final at Barcelona



Some are a wee bit dark but still very nice :)

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Yeah, when I departed from Dublin, I didn’t think it would get this dark, but did make for a nice few shots anyway

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