Dublin packed! / BUSY ATC Approach session


Server: Expert
Place: EIDW
Session time: 1h 20m
Date: 9 /10 /2020

ATC radar time lapse at Dublin


I was alone in the session (except for local, thanks @Andy_R), and the airspace was busy, so I got some patience and focus on my side to make an efficient approach to manage all the traffic. Well, it turned out in one of my best session ever.

The Plan

I was using the S approach method, basically the aircraft approaching from every direction had to follow a specific path (red) and then enter the actual S, a double downwind (yellow) to get to the airport without problems.

Enjoy the video


I just can’t appreciate Dublin airspace being filled up more. Amazing Job!

Appreciate it man.

It was a great session @Davide_DC!

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Sick Vid @Davide_DC!

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Nice video

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@Davide_DC amazing job! The pattern of the inbounds were like artwork

Lol, thank you.

Here there is the 8 seconds time lapse if you are interested. πŸ‘€

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