Dublin NOTAM/New Runway

Hi everyone,

Think a lot of people that live close to Dublin International Airport will have their agreement/opinion with me on this.

One thing I believe that should be changed in IF for the time being that until there is the new 28R/10L added to the game, there should be a NOTAM for 16/34 to be used as a taxiway only,

Currently all aircraft at Dublin are using 16/34 as a taxiway for landing and holding for departure to reduce congestion on the taxiways

Let us know on your opinions on this! I think there will be a varied belief on this but I think it could save future people from being ghosted for it


Based on charts that I’ve been able to get my hands on, it would appear that runway 16/34 would remain open, though not used. However, should it become required due to strong crosswinds, it may still be used. This means that the runway is still operational. Not to mention, I don’t see any NOTAM in place in the real world stating that the runway is permanently closed.

With that said, I believe that a NOTAM should not be placed because if and when runway 16 or 34 is needed, it would immediately contradict the NOTAM.

NOTAMs that are placed at other airports that state that a now disused runway is to only be used as a taxiway, for example, Gatwick and Bahrain airport, have closed those airports long term with no intermittent need to open them again. These runways also run parallel to the operational runway, which means that their mode of operation will not change with meteorological factors, unlike Dublin.

As it stands, should there be a need to taxi on runways 16 and 34, IFATC controllers are still given the option to issue planes with a back taxi clearance which would in effect, clear them onto the runway and taxi along it as needed. With all that said, the arguments against a NOTAM, in my opinion, would already outweigh the arguments for one.

If at some point, the runway is permanently closed to departing and arriving traffic, I could see a NOTAM being feasible. Though, we can have that discussion again if that does end up happening.


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