Dublin lad

One of the gates at Dub are still acting up this was suppose to be fixed but hasn’t(this was when the new runway was added) this gate can hold an a330 and a 777 but still says they are too large.

Hey - 404C can hold an A330 or 777. 404L, which I believe you are at cannot accommodate those aircraft. You can check it out via the published aerodrome charts at this link.

404C is much nicer anyway ;)

Actually, we know that often they do use 404L for larger aircraft, but this would only work with pre-planning for the arrivals/departures and having all widebodies in the ‘L’ version of the stands. For the purpose of IF, it would likely cause a whole mess as people could spawn 330’s in the 404L and 403C simultaneously - the wingspans would be too great, so I imagine this is why.

Only the officially published data is used for the IF scenery and not the wild tricks EIDW does in real life :)

This was reported in your past topic, and 404C should be fixed for the next update. Hotfixes won’t include these changes.

Also, the 757 should not fit into 404L, as it is restricted to 36m. The 757 has a wingspan of 38 metres.

The one beside it sorry old photo and sorry for the late response😂