Dublin International

Hi there, I think a lot of us have forgotten about Dublin International (EIDW) it’s a great place to fly to and also a short flight to the UK, a medium flight to Europe and is a great place to fly from to the US and Asia. I shall be operating ATC at Training (because everyone is at MMMX in expert) for the next three hours. Great trips include, Dublin to Heathrow, Dublin to Amsterdam, Dublin to Edinburgh; Dublin to JFK, Dublin to Rome and many more. So hop into Training at EIDW

Side note could some other ATC operators please operate Ground, Approach and Departure please, thanks.


What time are you starting there??

Love Dublin and not far from my home town Liverpool. Often fly there

There arent often people flying to Dublin due to the Training Server algorithm. People fly between big airports like Heathrow to Schiphol, Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Due to this algorithm everyone want atc and atc is at the biggest most known airports, do there aren’t really any flying to the smaller international airports

Even in your profile It says you favorite route is Heathrow to Schiphol, showing the algorithm of the training server


Dublin is a fantastic airport the gateway to Europe. Living two hours away from Dublin

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To add to what I said last time, this makes it almost impossible for not big international airports to get attention

EIDW (Dublin) Is surprisingly one of the featured airports this Sunday. I hope it gets some traffic down there. There’ll be definitely a few pilots who fly to or from EIDW.

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I believe you mean Sunday ;)

OMG you’re right sorry, thanks 😂


I plan to fly into then out of Dublin as part of the ATC schedule this Sunday so will definitely have another look over some of the procedures there - been a long time since I flew there

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