Dublin “Int”

Hey, as I’ve been flying into Dublin recently on Unicom or ATC the automated voices say “Dublin Int”. Would be great if this was changed back to “Dublin” as it’s more realistic and none of the pilots or ATC ever say “Dublin Int” when communicating in real life. Cheers!

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Please change this to #features if you are requesting to change the name back.

Alright will do

No no, this is something related to airport editing and how we put in frequencies.

@LouisKelly1 I will let the team know and someone may look into it.


I think it’s fine. Plus I’m out of votes

Great thanks.

As an Irishman it’s actually quite frustrating to hear.

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Oh sorry😭. Never knew

I guess this could be a misspelling. Someone will look at it later.

Fixed. It will now say “Dublin International”, which is standard per our operations.


Wow that was quick. Thanks for that!

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