Dublin (EIDW/DUB) RWY16/34

Has anyone else experienced an ATC issuing a taxi instruction to Runway 16 or 34. These runways are not used in real life except for in weather conditions when R10/28 is not at all usable. I think that if IF added a feature where it can show which runways are closed in real life, it would add realism to the game. Tell me your opinions below.

On expert server we go by weather for that runway that is most suitable. At times sometimes we cannot be 100 percent realistic as it is irl. We are trained as IFATC to operate runways with the best weather conditions to operate.

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Ok, its just that the layout of EIDW is that there are stands only accessible to R10/28 by taxiing on R16/34.

In expert server we can’t always do irl because of the amount of traffic 1 runway just won’t cut it:)


And efficiency 🙃


Thanks for clearing this up. Mods can close now.

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