Dublin Changes

Hello at midnight on Thursday, the current runway 10/28 at Dublin will become Runway 10R/28L. Will this be in the next update? (20.2)



Most likely will be updated in the next monthly Airport Editing/navigation database update.


Hey there! This is the responsibility of the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET). I’ve sent this over and hopefully a supervisor will adjust it after the changes are made and documented. Thanks!


Hello @ZCreaser!

This is controlled by the IFAET also known as the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team. The team updates things like runways, taxiways, and so much more! After looking at the IFAET database on github, it does not appear to be in the works, this means it will not come in the next IFAET update, you never know if someone might work on it in the future though! Things like runway changes have to reflect on the ground so usually a re-work of the airport will need to be done by editor or a supervisor like Zack said.

If you are interested in contributing to the IFAET check out what they do and how to join here:

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20.2 is not a airport update. Most likely the runway name won’t be changed until past Thursday, or until official charts are updated.

@ZCreaser after searching The Ireland eAIP and NOTAMs I have found no evidence that this change will happen at the date you stated.
If you could linke to a official source it would help.
Until we have a official source nothing will be changed.

If there is evidence that a Runway naming happened the editing team supervisor usually do this change in the airport database as well as in the ILS database and it will be included in the next airport update cycle.

As a additional remark, this does not mean that we are able to add a complete new runway with its taxiways. To do so we need sufficient satellite images that we could import in our tool. It could take years till those up to date images are available.

Tom IFAET Supervisor


Seems like the North runway is coming along nicely. 😏

The North runway is under construction as of now. So I don’t think it will be done by Thursday. 🤔😉

Out of curiosity, why are they changing the runway?

Because there’s another runway built north of the existing runway. They both will be 10/28 (L and R) in the future.


That makes sense, thanks!

NOTAMs check regarding EIDW brings this message:

Cross check with a local aviation revealed what I have guessed, it does not mean that the runway is renamed, it just means that the runway numbers are moved a bit to allow a easier renaming when this is done.

No renaming as of now. No date given when the renaming will happen.
Regards, Tom


As above