Dublin airport to close due to weather!

Dublin Airport announced that all flights will be cancelled from 3pm today due to Storm Emma.

Airlines Ryanair and Aer Lingus won’t resume flights until Saturday morning.

The airport said that it is unlikely that any flights will operate on Friday.

Dublin Airport tweeted: "Airlines suspending flight operations Dublin Airport from 3-4pm today due to impact of Storm Emma.

“AerLingus and Ryanair resuming flights on SAT am. Unlikely to be any flights tomorrow.”

The airport’s website said: "Given the Red Weather Alert for later today and tomorrow, it is unlikely that other airlines will operate to or from Dublin Airport on Friday and they are likely to resume operations on Saturday morning.

"We will have snow crews working today and tomorrow to continue to clear the runway, taxiways, aircraft parking stands and apron areas for our airline customers’ planned resumption of services on Saturday morning.

"Please contact your airline for the latest information in relation to the status of you flight.

“We apologise for the inconvenience that the adverse weather has caused to passengers.”

Meanwhile, people across Ireland have been warned to stay indoors this evening with heavy snow, gale force winds and extreme cold weather expected.

Many areas across the country have already ground to a halt with fears that the worst is yet to come.

All of Ireland is under a severe Status Red weather warning and there has been widespread travel chaos.

Many public transport services have stopped, flights have been cancelled and some roads are in a treacherous condition.

Storm Emma is set to make landfall this afternoon and collide with the chilly Siberian air from the so-called ‘Beast from the East’.


What do strong winds mean in IF? Correct, T&Gs! :D


Yeah the British Isles are covered in snow. I live there and its chaos. Thousands of schools shut and seveal people dead due to the cold weather!

This is the same for most airports now.
Bristol Airport has cancelled all flights. There is a red alert so there is a risk to life so it’s expected that flights are being cancelled.


Just to give your guys an idea of the storm.

Yeah it’s crazy. It’s like a mini blizzard.

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Yeah, at my house here in Dublin it looks like this :

Also it hasn’t snowed like this since 2009.
The bad thing as well is that I am flying on Saturday. I hope the weather goes away by then!


I live in London, hasnt snowed like this since 2012, and yet school still find a way to stay open

Heathrow is chaos right now I think almost 200 flights cancelled

Flights have been cancelled. My dad is lucky to get out of the cold. It snowed like this in December but we would expect it to be like this in March

It didn’t in London I was here 😊

Not only Dublin. Geneva was closed as well. This snow was a surprise to many of us

ooo that’s not good bad weather means delay & canceled flights :()

it did in my bit of london (north west), we had roughly 4 inches for a few days

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