Dublin Airport Taxiways

Correct. They will only be found on the expert server.


Thanks for the explanation …
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Actually, EIDW kinda needs a briefing for pilots and ATC to avoid people getting stuck going to the wrong terminal if 28 or 34 is used. Happened to me once.

And btw this just happens because the lineup for those runways kinda split the apron in to before the runway 34 crossing.


I think excessive taxi way instructions would work if not as well.

Do you mean “progressive taxi” @James24 and yes we do use that most times if there are times where we have to prevent a possible ground conflict.

I think the other thing that does need to be said, is that IFATC might not be familiar with common runway usage. Living in the US, I’m incredibly familiar with main runway usage at United States Airports, but I couldn’t tell you a single thing about common runway usage in Asia. Could we make an effort to be more realistic? Yes, of course. However, there aren’t many sources online, stating main runway usage at airports. Like, I would’ve never been able to know that only one of the two runways at Dublin are used, unless I heard from you guys, or lived in Dublin.

Ah yes LOL. ‘Excessive’ I don’t know what I was thinking.


Yes I get what you are saying. You could also check apps like flightradar24 or just try to find any websites that would give you that information. Or just ask us. Everyone knows everything about their local airports. :)