Dublin airport runway 16/34

Hi guys, just departed dublin bound for singapore. The purpose of this post is that departing runway 34 and not the longer 28L/10R is the most common runway. IRL departing/landing 34 is ONLY used for crosswinds. I was quite heavy for the long haul to Singapore and only rotated coming up to the touchdown zone for 16. 10R was been used for landing but not departure. I have contacted the controller in question. an yes this was the expert server. 16/34 at 6,798 is far to short for a fully loaded 777 on a 14 hour flight. The airport was not busy so i cant understand the controllers thinking on this one.

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Hey man, thx for your feedback. First, I wasn’t your controller, but I try to explain :). Perfect, that you share your knowledge with the community. Some of my colleagues aren’t aware of the usage of every rumnway for every airport in the world (me either). So this may happen to you more than once, even on ES. So the way you go is the right one, share your knowledge. And sometimes trust the ATC as the try to bring other reasns into account for using a specific runway. Happy flying.


Controllers always find a way to keep traffic efficient. Especially when there is a lot of traffic. That also means using 2 runways or one for landing and one for take off. This may lead to it not being realistic sometimes. However it would be easy to enforce only using the runway(s) that are used irl.

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6,798 feet is too short for a 777 departing on a 13 hour journey to Singapore surely they should have realised 🤔


Thanks mate. Yeah i departed from 34 and yes i love to share my knowledge.

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Yeah definitely weird. Even runway 10 isn’t used that often. It is mainly 28

And yes. There are moments were 10 is used but haven’t caught a moment on FR24 yet 😂

Given the fact that it may be to short it is in the pilots responsibility to check ATIS first and take into account if his departure is possible at an airport with the plane he is choosing for his trip. Despite this it’s not possible for a controller to change plans due to one single request of one pilots request/need. Hope you understand :)

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he was a excellent controller though! No complaints there. just using 34 lol. i used full flaps and used nearly 95% power. Before i departed i pm the controller asking if i could use 10R but he was to busy with traffic, i just went with he wanted and (i dont mnd doing that) If i can help IFATC in anyway and make their controlling as stress free as possible, then i will do my best to do that

fully understand, I had enough room but only just. The plane spotters are putting it on youtube as we speak lol

Great, thx for sharing your thoughts. Always appreciated.

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Thanks for the feedback!