Dubai VS Switzerland

Here’s the thing, I’m personally not interested in either of these regions. I think we’re set with places to fly for now. Plus, FDS is probably working on bigger things than regions.

So you believe I hope FDS will not develop other regions that one of them first, because it would be against the big request of feedbacks for over two years long ago! Think of those who expect these areas since that time !

And i know a lot of people , since the establishment of this forum , focusing on applications in this forum , but forget that each time they will set their flights , there are “Request A …” buttons.

These redirect the Official site features of proposals for Infinite Flight, until proven otherwise. :

and in addition , do not forget that it’s been two years that Switzerland is " In review " !

I was being sarcastic. sry

If there’s anything more important than switzerland I demand it to be cought and shot inmediatly.

This reply may contain sarcasm ;)

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after the A320, we can talk about the next update… i hope news regions :) like… Switzerland? Dubai??

Continue to vote! Switzerland have 51% votes and Dubai 48.

1930Z 28 november 2015 stats

53% for Switzerland,
47% for Dubai
(only for choose the first of boths to make it)
71 voters

1230Z 13 jan. 2016 stats



its so crazy!

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And now, Dubai get advantage!
85 voters, 48% Swiss 52% Dubai!

Nice poll!

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Must admit in two minds on this one,both be intresting places to fly, more airports ( and a few more mountains) in the Swiss region however as we dont have a region yet in the Middle East , whilstbwe alreday have three European Regions.

yes but a lot in USA

Dubai leading by 10%

Blasphemy! Never! We swiss need to start campaigning for Switzerland again! I wonder if a win of the swiss in the IF Olympics would help get a swiss region. ;)


I have a great Prize for Switzerland if we win… THE REGION!
ahaha great idea

I’m gonna be flying endless patterns in ZRH :) And controlling of course :) And finally I know where I will spawn when selecting a stand :)

This is a hard choice…

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No it won’t.


102 voters,
43% Switzerland
57% Dubai

Thank you for votes its normal if Dubai won… almost +1000 votes than Switzerland in feedback forum…
Now i close it.

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Switzerland, as one would get amazing scenery, access to Zurich airport, Geneva airport, Sion airport, Bern airport… all of that through the Alps. For Dubai you would just fly over a desert with only one airport and without any scenery whatsoever.

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