Dubai Virtual Airshow 2018 @ OMDW - 24-250700ZNOV18

I will be there Captain

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Flyswiss VA will like to take part in it.


Please have the CEO, COO or Events Manager PM me.

Hi, I was wondering, are spectators expected to fly in a full night before the event (1750Z, while event starts at 0700Z)?

I would suggest having someone from FDS put a TFR up. I wouldn’t want anyone going crazy during the show. And trust me, the GAF demo teams had interference before and we hate it with a passion.

By the way, could you sign IFAEGAF Up? We’re going to be putting on a show for y’all

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I am actually the Flyswiss Representative , otherwise no problem I shall ask one of them to pm you.

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Hi, I want to spectate, the discord invite link does not work

I’ll look into that. Thanks for letting me know!

No they’re not, they can spawn in/out as many times as they pleas, they just can’t fly in/out.

I would like to be a partner

Hi @Qatari2007YT,
it is required that all partners are IFVARB Approved VAs. If you like, you can be a performer, but all partners must be IFVARB Approved VAs/VOs.

I want to fly in, not spawn in… So when should the latest time to be there?

Hello! I have noticed some errors in your title. Please update it to this: Dubai Virtual Airshow 2018 @ OMDW - 24250700ZNOV18. You can also check how to format your title and thread by clicking here.

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Sorry this isn’t my event.

What do u mean ???.

PM him @Qatari2007YT he’ll answer better in there

Oh my god this is on my birthday. It’s 1 AM for me when it starts. OOF.

It’s all in the procedures

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How do I PM

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