Dubai Virtual Airshow 2018 @ OMDW - 24-250700ZNOV18


Welcome to Infinite Flight's next big airshow - Dubai Virtual Airshow!


Date and Time: November 24, 2018 6:00 AMNovember 25, 2018 6:00 AM
Location: OMDW
Server: Casual, but please, please, please, please please? act professional at all times.


Time Event Exhibitor(s)
0700Z Opening Ceremony Reserved, PM me if interested
0710Z VA Partners - VAs please PM me if you would like to partner with us. VA Partners
0720Z VA Announcements and General Performances Begin N/A

All slots are vacant until 0650Z on the second day

Time Event Exhibitor(s)
0650Z Closing Ceremony Reserved, PM me if interested


It is essential that EVERY attendee reads this document!

Find it here


Like other big airshows, we use Discord for communications due to the Voice Channel function. Potential VA Partners, don’t worry! We have a Slack as well just for the Event Team and Partners! Here’s our discord link:


This event simply would not be possible without the constant support of our partners!

Want to become a partner? PM @Velocity23

Will we see you there?

If you want to perform, reply with your desired time slot, if you want to spectate, join the discord, if you want to be a partner --> PM me, but whatever you do…
Read the procedures!


Is this virtual group IFVARB approved or is this just an event? Also you don’t require a / in the title between 24 and 25.

It’s just an event, so it doesn’t need to be approved.

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Oh, the way you worded it and all the logo’s made it sound like a virtual group or VO. Carry on then.

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I will be there Captain

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Flyswiss VA will like to take part in it.


Please have the CEO, COO or Events Manager PM me.

Hi, I was wondering, are spectators expected to fly in a full night before the event (1750Z, while event starts at 0700Z)?

I would suggest having someone from FDS put a TFR up. I wouldn’t want anyone going crazy during the show. And trust me, the GAF demo teams had interference before and we hate it with a passion.

By the way, could you sign IFAEGAF Up? We’re going to be putting on a show for y’all

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I am actually the Flyswiss Representative , otherwise no problem I shall ask one of them to pm you.

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Hi, I want to spectate, the discord invite link does not work

I’ll look into that. Thanks for letting me know!

No they’re not, they can spawn in/out as many times as they pleas, they just can’t fly in/out.

I would like to be a partner

Hi @Qatari2007YT,
it is required that all partners are IFVARB Approved VAs. If you like, you can be a performer, but all partners must be IFVARB Approved VAs/VOs.

I want to fly in, not spawn in… So when should the latest time to be there?

Hello! I have noticed some errors in your title. Please update it to this: Dubai Virtual Airshow 2018 @ OMDW - 24250700ZNOV18. You can also check how to format your title and thread by clicking here.

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Sorry this isn’t my event.

What do u mean ???.

PM him @Qatari2007YT he’ll answer better in there