Dubai to Seattle

Hello IFC

Welcome to my first ever post in the "Screenshots and videos" category I hope you enjoy

Dubai I’ll see you soon (departed Runway 12R)

Leaving the United Arab Emirates (UAE) next stop USA

A sunset in Russia

A sun set in the Kara sea

Hello USA long time no see

Welcome to Seattle (landed Runway 34R)

Flight info

  • Plane: 777-300er (emirates)
  • flight time: 14 hours and 2 minutes
  • server: Expert
  • Departure time: 11:34pm
  • arrival time: 1:40pm

29000ft → 30000ft → 31000ft → 32000ft → 34000ft → 36000ft - 37000ft


Incase you want to do the flight
OMDB N0512F290 DAVM4G DAVMO M318 NIVRA/N0507F310 M318 RIKOP B114 ASB B359 ADOBI/K0922F310 N167 LATNU/K0917F320 L985 RAVNI/K0915F310 Z582 KST L165 NELTI/K0909F320 M168 BIBLI/K0898F330 M168 GIMAK L992 UNISO G497 BEBIR N167 SH/K0911F320 L165 RORNI/K0906F340 L165 ABERI/N0485F340 DCT 89N140W DCT DEKMO/N0486F350 DCT 85N140W/N0486F340 80N144W/N0488F350 75N140W 70N135W/N0489F370 65N131W 6000N12830W 55N125W DCT ELIDI/N0492F380 Q800 KEINN/N0490F370 DCT NUTBE DCT YYJ/N0431F170 V495 JIGEB MARNR7 KSEA

Well that’s it hopefully you enjoy and I might make another one of these soon probably


I don’t see anything here lol


I’m on a not too bright screen tho
The photo looks so good anyway 🔥


One of the best 777 flights simply because it goes over the North Pole

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Allow it man it was bright in my screen all good though It should be brighter now

Swear I really enjoyed that flight

It’s way better, tho you should apply but to the affected sky parts for it to look better (it looks weird when you brighten the photo)
It’s fire btw

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just a little tip for next time landing at Seattle, 16R/34L is used for landing, with sometimes 16C/34C

Kinda nice to see Emirates’ 777 get some attention over the 380!

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Oh ok no problem I just used since I didn’t want a long taxi, it my first time going to the airport thanks for the tip

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Actually, as a Seattle local lemme tell you something! Usually, heavy aircraft such as the 777 use 16L/34R for landing, but sometimes they will occasionally use 16R/34L. Only one time have I seen a 747 or 777 land on 34L. 16C/34C is occasionally used for takeoffs for light aircraft but very very rarely used for landings. In conclusion, @Diskid did a perfectly realistic landing!


Is it because that runway is longer than the other ones or is so they won’t have to cross like for example 2 runways

I’m honestly not sure but I definitely know that heavies usually land on 34R/16L 🧐