Dubai to New York 🇪🇬🇦🇪🇺🇸

Today, I will fly from Cairo🇪🇬to Dubai🇦🇪before going to John F. Kennedy. Join me as I do this 17hours flight

Good morning, IFC members. It is currently 7:35 PM here in Cairo , and my first flight to Dubai will depart at 12:30 AM, so we have time. Let’s go check out the lounge that Cairo has to offer. Cairo Emirates provides nearly 9,500 square feet—roughly the wingspan of an A380. Many airlines have lounges like this, but nothing can compare to the one in Dubai. The lounge in Cairo has a view of the ramp. Before we knew it, it was already time to go to our gate to board our A380✈️that would be taking us to Dubai. The massive size of the A380 makes it a big convenience for passengers in airliners. However, it comes at a considerable cost. Special taxiways and gates had to be made for the jumble jet. Cairo has two gates capable of handling the A380 as boarding begins. I headed to seat 💺12K. I settled into my seat, which was more like a palace 👑 made out of gold 🏆 , and well before I knew it, we pushed back from the gate and started taxiing to the runway for departure. This was a short three-hour flight

The A380 started rolling down the runway, which was nothing like in commercial aviation. Then taking off in an A380 🛫provides such a smooth transition to the air, where it is hard to notice, and just sort of almost like floating and not going up if that made any sense, and well, I mean, sure enough, we were on our way

Since this is a short flight, you don’t get the amenities like slippers or pajamas you would get on a long-haul flight . However, Emirates did not skip out on the menu. I will link the menu 🍴at the bottom. I opted for the “Bzar fish”🐟, and to wash it down, I took a ” Woodford Reserve bourbon with a dash of bitters.”🥃 the catering in Cairo was phenomenal. Cook the fish 🐟 just right, and it was incredibly flavorful. I finished my meal, and we began our descent into Dubai the sun was coming up 🌅🧡

When I got to the gate, I was drained and exhausted 🥱 but there was no time for sleep.

D03 to make my next flight from Dubai to John F. Kennedy 🇺🇸🗽🍎(KJFK). After a short walk-through, the spectacular view of the A380 from the all-glass Jetedge😎 again comes with a significant cost. Imagine trying to cool one of these and stop them from overheating I went to my seat 6K, which I noticed was quite close to the laboratory, which didn’t bother me but could disturb others my seat looked the same as the flight before. Still, with the sunlight ☀️beaming through the window, everything seems to shine , and with 14 hours in the air, we will have time to explore all the Emirates first class has to offer shortly before departure. A flight attendant came around and asked when we would like our 30-minute shower reservation I booked mine 30 minutes before landing so that I was excellent, fresh, and clean when I arrived in New York 😊 Emirates is a mainly long haul airline with only a handful of short-haul and medium Hall flights to international and well their aircraft have to meet those requirements emirates Maine Aircraft are the Boeing 777 and like the Aircraft we are on today the airbus A380 quite frankly without Emirates, the airbus A380 would not exist without emirates having ordered a whopping 123 the second biggest carrier of the A380 is Singapore, with quite frankly only 24 which I will report on the scene with me doing Singapore to Frankfurt and then on over to New York 🗽🍎

unfortunately, there was a delay getting out of there, so we left 58 minutes late well, there’s nothing I can do about it now again: the rotation of the A380 is Like butter, and every enthusiast should try it out at least once we departed and turned north as we make our way to the US 🇺🇸

As soon as we got the air, I jumped into my cozy pajamas and set up my bed 🛏️ and I took a nap. I woke up as we were flying over.

I woke up eight hours later, flying over Greenland 🇬🇱 as the sun was setting, the IFE was massive and displayed a fantastic view of the world and our flight ; I decided to look at the menu in order, perhaps breakfast 🥞 Emirates has a din on-demand service. This means you can order whenever you want and whatever you wish; I won with the “Coconut oat and chia pudding,” which was outstanding to wash down. I had a simple glass of orange juice. 🍊 and for only. And well, only for five dollars for the entire flight. Emirates Internet was blazing fast By this time, my legs were tired of sitting down and laying down, so I got up and walked to the far back of the airplane, where there was a bar🍺. Yes, you heard me write a bar 🍻on an aircraft, which is still crazy to think. Not only that, but it was a bar with a sting view of the wing I settled back into my seat, watched a few movies, and finished up some emails for work. I was called for my 30-minute shower, which is still very crazy. I was taking a shower at 40,000 feet, 30 minutes more than enough time for me with five minutes of running water 🚿 instead of putting a lounge up here, they put the most extensive bathroom in an aircraft with heated floors and counters made out of gold 💛 I made my way back to my seat as we were beginning to land in New York 🗽 🍎

Let’s review the flight we flew from Cairo 🇪🇬to Dubai 🇦🇪 on an Emirates A380. When we got to Dubai, we went to one of the world’s biggest and most luxurious lounges in any airport. I have been to. The seats here on Emirates first class A380. This seat was phenomenal. It wasn’t enclosed sweet. However, it was still super luxurious and very comfortable. Emirate’s impeccable catering and well met my standards for any first-class service. I wish Delta and ANA, along with many other airlines, would meet up with these standards.

also, there were many snacks, and I had my mini bar at my seat, which was terrific. The IFE was one of the best I’ve ever had on an airplane, with humongous screen mini options for movies and outstanding views of the Aircraft. This was one of my highlights. First-class service was phenomenal. The flight attendants weren’t up in your face or always coming to you for something, but now and then, all I had to do was call them, and they would be at my seat within no time at all , being every aviation enthusiast, like me, should have a chance to fly on any Emirates aircraft, especially the A380 and you won’t regret it

This flight ended before it started, and it felt like I would be sure to fly Emirates again very soon. Thank you all for sticking around

Copyright: photo of the jet bridge by Wikipedia
This flight was deeply inspired by the Jet Brooks video titled “Emirates First Class A380 - 25 Hours Cairo to New York.Cairo to Dubai menu menu Dubai to New York menu


One Word → WOW! What an amazing tripreport. Congratulations,

Tailwind ahead

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Amazing work 👏🏾 I’m literally reading through and I feel like I’m on the flights as well . Keep doing more of these

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Definitely going to do this once the A380 rework is finished


Nice! definetely reminds me of Jeb Brooks AND Trek Trendy

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Love it, glad I helped you!

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Thank you for the compliment. I was trying to put a lot of thought into it.

I would love to I have many more flights to come

Yes, I also cannot wait for the update to come out. I believe it will come out sometime in the spring so I have been towed

Yes, thank you for your inspiration if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have Putting as much effort, it wasn’t until I saw your report where I decided to make a realistic report on a flight🙂

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Thank you for the kind words. Glad you liked it.

It must took you hell of a time to post these screenshots

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😂 tell me about it @NonStopsAviation Was a good therapist along the way