Dubai to Lax

Flight time: 15hrs & 30mins
Airbus 350-900
Sever: Expert

At Gate A07

Taxiing to runway 12R

Everything is ready waiting for clearance to takeoff


Climbing to cruising altitude

Cruising altitude 42,000 ft

Descending, nice view of the mountains

Ready for touchdown at Lax

Butter landing!

Arrived safely at Terminal 5 Gate 54B at Lax, enjoyed this long flight!


Really nice shots! How did you get the one inside the other plane?

He just used the free cam in replay and moved to the inside of whatever plane that is

Ya very nice pictures of your flight

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Thank you💯

This amazing I’m going to do this flight tonight but thing I’m about to say is going to be a bit silly but Emirates parks at the Tom Bradly International terminal so next time if you want to park there you can again amazing flight😄

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This photos are looking amazing.

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Thanks for letting me know, and goodluck with your flight!

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Hey there! Are you sure it was Expert Server? I was controlling KLAX Tower (Training Server) and had the exact same traffic holding short 25R, and at the gate, I saw you next to that Delta A359, in the same position. Hahaha.

That would be such a coincidence!

Anyway, super cool photos and I’m glad I had the opportunity to have cleared you for landing after such a long flight ;)


Oh yes, I ment to put training server but, thank you for clearing me to land you are great at Tower! Everything super smooth!

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Loved the 9th shot! Very creative :)

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thank you!

Yo bro do you like fly with me FMCZ to FMEE with the 787-8
Fly online casual server ??